What is a GB?

(Q) What is a GB?

(A) A gigabyte is approximately 1,000 megabytes

Each of these activites represents approximately 1 gigabyte of usage:

  • View 26,000 Web pages OR
  • Send 105,000 e-mails OR
  • Attach over 2,000 Microsoft Word documents (of about 10 pages each) OR
  • Receive up to 500 digital photos OR
  • Download more than 200 songs OR
  • Stream 18 hours of music from the Web OR
  • Download 1.5 movies (or 2/3 of a movie in high definition) OR
  • Play games online for 240 hours (or 10 days) OR
  • Stream 1 hour of Netfiix Standard Definition Video

Here is a break down of data usage for some common online activities:

  Data Use estimate
Emails 50-300 KB each
SD Photos 100-500 KB each
HD Photos 2 MB each
SD Video Streaming 1 GB per hour
HD Video Streaming 3 GB per hour
4k/UHD Video Streaming 7 GB per hour
Downloading DS Movies 1 GB each
Streaming Audio 100 MB per hour
Online Gaming 50-100 MB per hour