Standard Mail

Electronic mail services included in standard accounts, and additional services tailored to the needs of most KOS customers.

KOS offers an excellent, dynamic e-mail service with automatic “spam” and virus protection for all of its customers, and allows them to administrate any e-mail box with value-added features. E-mail accounts may be included with an account, or purchased separately.

Individual Mailboxes – $4.95/month, no initial setup fee

An account for individuals with a need for more e-mail boxes than are included in a standard account.

Account Includes:

  • single mailbox with Basic Account Features
  •, up to 32 letters per username
  • Administration for mailbox features, including:
    • autoresponder/vacation “robot” with copy
    • forwarding capability
    • real name
    • account password administration
Standard Business Domain – $19.95/month, no initial setup fee*

An account for small businesses with a domain (or a address) with a need for a additional e-mail addresses using their own domain. Features “postmaster” accounts for monitoring bounces and administration of all mailboxes.

Account Includes:

  • 10 e-mail addresses and “postmaster” account
  • Up to four (4) mail forwards
  • Up to ten (10) mail aliases
  • Up to four (4) mail robots
  • username@domain, up to 32 letters per username
  • choice of your domain or
  • spam and virus protection
  • Administration for domain features, including:
    • mailbox setup, deletion, et al
    • “catch-all” support to catch anything@domain
    • autoresponder/vacation “robots” with copy
    • aliasing capability
    • forwarding capability
    • real name for each account
    • account password administration
    • individual mailbox configuration
  • Support for additional domain mappings (see below)
  • Support for full-featured mailing lists (see below)

* does not include cost of yearly domain registration if required

All Standard Mail Accounts include:
  • 500 Megabytes of storage per mailbox with notification
  • Support for up to 3600 messages per mailbox
  • Support for up to 20 Megabytes per relayed message
  • Up to 128 Megabytes per message to multiple recipients
  • Self-administration with vacation messages, etc.
  • Spam and Virus protection with User Preferences
  • Up to 32 characters per username for customizing
  • SSL-protected web-mail access

Domain Account Options:
  • Additional 10 e-mail boxes for domain, $19.95 per month
  • Additional 50 e-mail boxes for domain, $89.95 per month
  • Additional 200MB of space per mailbox, $4.95 per month
  • Full-featured double-opt-in mailing list, $19.95 per month
    • supports digesting and archive retrieval
    • supports multiple remote moderators
    • supports message moderation if desired
    • supports subscription confirmation
    • supports information text modification
    • supports MIME stripping
    • supports trailers

    Additional domains mapped, one-time $9.95

  • A connection to the Internet
  • A mailbox or your own domain name