VIP Mail

Advanced Mail (VIP) services provide an outsourced e-mail solution with scalability, security and performance required by businesses that wish to offload the costs of company mail services to their ISP. This service offers remote relaying using authentication, large mailboxes, web-based domain administration, SSL support for security, as well as an advanced suite of mail protection from viruses and unsolicited bulk email. Also available for individual mailboxes.

KOS offers an advanced mail service for individuals or companies who wish to administrate their own mail with a secured web service, and who have the need for larger attachments and/or mailboxes than standard accounts include. This service offers an economical way to outsource corporate e-mail.

All VIP Mail Accounts include:
  • 2 Gigabytes of storage per mailbox with notification
  • Support for up to 7200 messages per mailbox
  • Optimization for leaving mail on the server
  • Support for up to 50 Megabytes per relayed message
  • Up to 256 Megabytes per message to multiple recipients
  • Spam and Virus protection with Per-User Preferences

Individual Mailboxes – $6.95/month, no initial setup fee

An account for individiuals with a need for a large storage space, roaming access and large attachments.

Account Includes:

  • single mailbox with Basic Account Features
  •, up to 32 letters per username
  • Administration for mailbox features, including:
    • autoresponder/vacation “robot” with copy
    • forwarding capability
    • real name
    • account password administration
Advanced Business Domain – $29.95/month, $24.95 setup*

An account for small businesses with a domain (or a address) with a need for a large storage space, roaming access and large attachments. Features “postmaster” accounts for monitoring bounces and administration of all mailboxes.

Account Includes:

  • 10 e-mail addresses and “postmaster” account
  • Up to four (4) mail forwards
  • Unlimited mail aliases
  • Up to four (4) mail robots
  • username@domain, up to 32 letters per username
  • choice of your domain or
  • spam and virus protection
  • Administration for domain features, including:
    • mailbox setup, deletion, et al
    • “catch-all” support to catch anything@domain
    • autoresponder/vacation “robots” with copy
    • aliasing capability
    • forwarding capability
    • real name for each account
    • account password administration
    • individual mailbox configuration
  • Support for additional domain mappings (see below)
  • Support for full-featured mailing lists (see below)

* does not include cost of yearly domain registration if required

Domain Account Options:
  • Additional 10 e-mail boxes for domain, $19.95 per month
  • Additional 50 e-mail boxes for domain, $89.95 per month
  • Additional 1GB of space per mailbox, $4.95 per month
  • Full-featured double-opt-in mailing list, $19.95 per month
    • supports digesting and archive retrieval
    • supports multiple remote moderators
    • supports message moderation if desired
    • supports subscription confirmation
    • supports information text modification
    • supports MIME stripping
    • supports trailers

    Additional domains mapped, one-time $9.95

  • An E-mail Client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook, etc.)
  • A connection to the Internet
  • A mailbox or your own domain name