Co-Locate Server

Rack space and a direct Ethernet connection to Kingston Online’s ATM backbone. Meant for IPPs and other businesses where reliability is required and low costs are key.

Kingston Online provides a secured data centre on an upper floor of its building with only employee access, and meets a multiple-lock entry-point requirement. With co-location, we offer UPS power with battery backup, 24 hour monitoring, a customer monitoring service, and climate control.

Data Traffic Included Max. Burst Rate Interface Type Monthly Fee Setup or Service Fee
2TB/mo 10 Mbit/sec 10bT $149.00 $250.00
4TB/mo 10 Mbit/sec 10bT $199.00 (dedicated) $250.00
10TB/mo 10 Mbit/sec 10bT $299.00 $250.00
10TB/mo+ 100 Mbit/sec 100bT $CALL $250.00
1U DB System N/A Loop 100bT $79.00 $200.00


  • One standard 19″ (1U) rack with power & ethernet port
  • Secured facility protection
  • Single IP address suitable for virtual hosting
  • Secondary MX record handling for one domain
  • Primary DNS for one domain
  • Secondary name service for three domains
  • Additional 15GB Transfer Package, $50.00
  • Secondary name service, $25.00 per domain, per year
  • Backup MX handling, $25.00 per domain, per month
  • Additional IP addresses, $25.00 one-time setup
  • Battery Filtered Power, $15.00 per month, each
  • Unfiltered Power, $10.00 per month, each
  • 2U Server Option, $50.00 per month
  • 3U Server Option, $75.00 per month
  • 4U Server Option, $100.00 per month
  • Customer equipment must be able to fit requirements, and be configured in such a way that it neither requires in-person manipulation nor a monitor or keyboard for normal operation.
  • Customer will be expected to use Virtual Server hosting, to preserve IP addresses. One IP address is initially provided, with other addresses issued on an as-needed basic, with full justification requirements.