Wireless/LTE Update

Our wireless services based on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology are now within a few weeks of operation. Almost all of our rural wireless customers with WiMax service have received a (free!) upgrade to LTE-capable radios, and will soon be upgraded to LTE technology automatically from the KOS technicians, as we move selected towers one-by-one to LTE from the existing WiMax technology. Some towers have already completed this process.

A short time after the LTE upgrade is completed, KOS will be providing information on new wireless speed and capacity plans available on our first phase of LTE coverage. These plans and capacities will change as KOS updates to higher-bitrate versions of LTE over time.

After this phase is completed, KOS will then embark on upgrading its more difficult-to-reach wireless customers, using our legacy 900Mhz radios, to a newer technology which is capable of up to 20 times the performance (per tower). At that time, KOS can offer higher throughput to those customers, making Internet services such as IPTV more accessible. This upgrade will also be done for existing customers at no additional cost, as KOS is committed to providing affordable service to its customers. Our target for this project is early fall, 2016.

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