KOS Holiday Hours

Kingston Online Services will be closed Monday Oct 9th 2017.

Normal Office hours resume on Oct 10th.

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Civic Holiday Hours

KOS Offices will be close for the Civic Holiday Monday Aug 7th 2017.

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Canada Day Hours

Our offices will be closed on July 1st for Canada Day. We will have technical support only available on July 3rd from 10am – 4:30pm. Our regular office hours will resume on July 4th.

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Holiday Hours

KOS Offices will be closed for the Holiday on Monday May 22nd 2017.

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Scheduled Veridian power outage on Sunday, May 7 – Power restored

Power was restored at 9:30am. All services are fully functional.
Due to a scheduled Veridian power outage on Sunday, May 7 from 6:00am – 11:00am. All wireless Internet services in PEC, Belleville, Deseronto and Stirling
region will be affected during this time. Services will be restored once power has been restored.

For more information about the outage, please contact Veridian.

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Wireless/LTE Update

Our wireless services based on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology are now within a few weeks of operation. Almost all of our rural wireless customers with WiMax service have received a (free!) upgrade to LTE-capable radios, and will soon be upgraded to LTE technology automatically from the KOS technicians, as we move selected towers one-by-one to LTE from the existing WiMax technology. Some towers have already completed this process.

A short time after the LTE upgrade is completed, KOS will be providing information on new wireless speed and capacity plans available on our first phase of LTE coverage. These plans and capacities will change as KOS updates to higher-bitrate versions of LTE over time.

After this phase is completed, KOS will then embark on upgrading its more difficult-to-reach wireless customers, using our legacy 900Mhz radios, to a newer technology which is capable of up to 20 times the performance (per tower). At that time, KOS can offer higher throughput to those customers, making Internet services such as IPTV more accessible. This upgrade will also be done for existing customers at no additional cost, as KOS is committed to providing affordable service to its customers. Our target for this project is early fall, 2016.

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Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

KOS will have access to, and will offer Internet services with, Fiber To The Home (FTTH) products that will be available in selected areas in Canada, mostly cities. This will be done in partnership with incumbents which have fiber deployments, as well as potential fiber builds that KOS has been planning for some time.

While for most people, fiber does not offer any advantages over cable Internet or other delivery methods (and has one major disadvantage of higher cost), many KOS customers would take advantage of some higher-bandwidth services which could be exclusive to fiber infrastructure in the future, without giving up the personal support and stable company that they are familiar with.

Bell Canada was the last holdout in providing third-party access to both available and future fiber infrastructure, stating that Bell were funding their fiber networks out of capital earnings and should not have to offer third-party access to it. KOS and the CRTC strongly disagreed, citing the government-provided grants, tax allowances, phase-II costing provisions, access to crown land, exclusive right-of-ways and other publicly-funded advantages that Bell Canada makes use of. These historically-mandated advantages and funds are not available to other providers which may wish to compete within a given region.

KOS applauds the Canadian government’s understanding and action on ensuring that there is competition in the Internet marketplace where fiber is deployed. KOS was one of many independent Internet Service Providers which helped the CRTC to make the right decision.

The CRTC’s announcement can be found here:

CRTC Decision on Third-Party Access to Incumbent Fiber

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Unlimited Packages Now Available

Enjoy unlimited data on our Cable and DSL services.

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